Monday , August 15 2022

What's the best iPhone now?


Fabian Allenz / La Voz de Mikhokan

Mexico City Currently, there are eight iPhone models market, but … but who should buy? In the standard proportion, we have the best of the iPhone.

We can talk hours on which iPhone is best. This depends on many factors, because not everyone has the same benefit, and the same amount can not be spent.

In particular, we will analyze and evaluate the features we offer – at any cost – the following iPhone models:

iPhone XR

IPhone XR is not exactly the lowest smartphone. However, it is the most profitable one you can find today on Apple's website and will suit the needs of a majority.

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When you're texting on this model, you have to spend some of the features in iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. For example, XR has an LCD screen and has two other OLED monitors.

In addition, the iPhone XR has only one rear camera, so if you have a dual camera behind it, catch one of the other two phones. In addition, practically all the specifications
They are the same person.

iPhone XS

If you take the most comfortable powerful iPhone in the home market, then do not hesitate to get the iPhone XS. Of course, it's definitely worth not everyone willing to spend more than a thousand on mobile.

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The latest Apple smartphone gives you the best performance, OLED screen with quality and acceptable dimensions, as well as a few cassings with refresh colors that you want to protect with a stylish case.

The dual camera behind has a suspicious quality. Offers an option to zoom in an x2 optical zoom in portrait mode and photographer. Face ID technology still exists, which means that the start button has gone out forever.

iPhone XS Max

The most valuable apple smartphone in the history of the company is the iPhone X Max. The main difference between iPhone and the iPhone is its 6.5-inch screen.

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This one part, both offer the same benefits, so they want to have a bigger screen to watch photos and videos and bet on the iPhone XS Max.

So, you can find the Facebook ID technology you can not lock on your face with the XS Max, and create cool animoji and Memoji. IOS 12 version released.

iPhone 8 Plus

Buying iPhone 8 Plus will have to pay for other models with similar features. Such as iPhones. Like phone 7.

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In our opinion, if this model can not be used for professional reasons or music or videos or editing, that does not cost as much money. Of course, if you are willing to do so, you can get a phone with high quality quality.

You will have a better monitor, and you can charge a device using a wireless charger. The dual camera is better than the iPhone 7 Plus and professional photographers do not need full new features.

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