Friday , January 27 2023

Wong started to charge supermarkets for the use of a plastic bag | Metro | Sankosad | Economy | Business


By August 1, taxes on usage Plastic bag. Against him, the group supermarket Syncosed, Like Metro And Wong, They stopped distributing these bags for free.

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Syncosed He told the newspaper that to increase awareness of their customers, Wong And Metro They are already charging for the use of plastic bags in all their organizations.

In this way, the bag Small and medium Their value is S / 0.05 And Big S / 0.10The company said. In that sense, it was reported that consumers have the option of acquiring Reusable bags In the same place

It should be remembered that Plastic law It suggests a collection of single-use plastic bags to discourage its consumption and contribute to the conservation of the environment. Thus, it acquires – under any title – the purpose of a plastic bag whose purpose is to load or carry goods from commercial organizations or services; This supermarket includes.

Law no. In the compliance framework of 30884, the number of usage tax on plastic bags will be in progress and will be applied for the acquisition of each bag. Thus, in 2019, tax will be S / 10.10 and in 2023 will be S / .50.

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