Wednesday , May 18 2022

YouTube: 62% of Peruvians search for a video before purchasing it


According to the recent study developed by Google E. Ipsos , 62% of Peruvians watched the video YouTube When you are viewing information about a product before purchasing it, and 1 out of 3 said that watching videos for references or recommendations about what you want to buy.

While dividing the issue by users, 87% of entertainment fans say they have watched videos on YouTube before making a purchase of entertainment (movies, theater, series and movie purchases, exhibitions, museums, places to learn places or shopping for purchase).

86% of the game's fans mentioned before watching the video on YouTube before editing (training machines, weight, gym subscriptions, etc.).

In addition, 74% of Peruvian people expressed interest in investing in cars, they said they used the platform to compare different models.

In the meantime, 77% of people asked for tips on the topic before deciding which products to buy in those who are interested in fashion and beauty.

84% of the Peruvian traveler, who visited last year, had seen places to visit in advance of videos on YouTube, while 86% of parents reached the parents' platforms with interest in technology, both of the latest trends.

In the context of age, 64% of the people aged 16 to 20 had said they discovered content with home recommendations or ideas and 53% cooking tips. It should be noted that out of 10 of them, 8 out of every day advertise the video.

In the case of adults in the population of 36 and 54 years (called Generation X), the number of users visiting the platform every day is 81%.

Finally, Google said that in some categories attracting most of the visualizations, there are decorations (63%), cooking tips (54%), beauty products (44%) and video games (32%) to decorate and think.

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