Thursday , July 29 2021

17 children die in suspicious irritation

Common Santos city At least 17 children have been reported in some distant communities of Malangatan Sanganga city during the last three weeks due to suspected acne eruption.

Domestic Medicine Officer (MHO) head of Malpath said on Monday that victims, who included infants, died after several days of showing severe symptoms of acne infection.

Remiter said that the suspected spread of Shitos Lower and Upper Kiyogam, Mahayog, Leone, Datelay Nai and Barang were carried out in Sunnah's Alna.

Based on the information provided by officials of Barangi Superior Suryan and Barangye Superiors officials, the head of the MHO said that affected villages – Balan tribe live in remote areas of the city.

"This is considered as a case of suspected acne because we have not carried out confirmation tests for casualties".

Health officials suspect that casualties in some reports suffers from other diseases except acne.

Until Monday, at least 23 people from Barang Suyun were arrested. Earlier, the Diagean hospital had symptoms of suspected acne-like symptoms such as high fever, skin beat, conjunctivitis, and other flu-related illnesses.

Hospital records show that 15 patients, including a four month old baby and a seven-month pregnant mother, have confirmed acne infection and are currently in solitary confinement in at least three rooms.

Barang Outer Suan's Chairman Boat Ogan, about 100 people, mostly infants and children, broke out.

Ogna said that the monitoring of the case of early acne was supervised in November at one sub-village and quickly spread to other areas.

As part of their intervention, Remiter said that they have vaccinated about 500 infants and children in the area against acne.

He said his office has provided medicines and treatment to some affected residents.

He said that it is difficult for affected communities to access their remote and problematic ways.

The remitter adds that they had difficulty finding the right information because they need to increase at least 20 hours to reach those areas. (PNA)

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