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3 major murder cases in PH


Manila – disease is a terrible reality facing everyone in their lifetimes.

According to the latest figures from the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA), 66 Philips die every minute of 1,591 deaths.

During the past decade, Icricic heart disease and cancer are the two causes responsible for the deaths of Filipinos. It is pneumonias.

Of the 582,183 registered in 2016, 74,134 cases were registered, 12.7 percent were the cardiovascular diseases. 60,470 cases of cancer patients and 10.4 percent of cases have been reported. Though pneumonia is 57,809, men and women are 9.9 percent.

Ischemic heart disease

When heart failure and heart and oxygen are diagnosed with eczema, heart disease can also occur.

A total of 74,134 cases were reported in the Philippines. In Philippines, 29,662 rape cases were reported.

In an interview with the Philippine News Agency (PNA), Dr. The mortality rate due to unhealthy lifestyle in the Philippines is due to cardiologist in Manila, medical center Guinea Quizon.

Quiz cigarette smoking advises against alcohol intake, regulating sugar and cholesterol and maintaining pressure.


Cancer, known as neoplasms, is a source of deadly growth or tumor as a result of extraordinary cell division. The latest type of neoplasms are the uterine, kidney, thyroid, soft tissue, prostate, ovary, skin, lymph node, lungs, kidney, gastric, ag, blood, bone, breast, cervical, gas and coloretical cancer.

According to latest PAA figures, men are more males than men who died from cancer. There are 30,954 annual cases.

The Cancer Registry is the cancer that stands breast cancer in the country with 24.9%.

A medical ocologist at the St Luke's Medical Center, Marcelo Severino Ema said. PNA Breast Cancer Cancer Wave, but it is not the main cause of cancer death in the country.

"Lung cancer cancers are the major cause of death because of the fact that we can already diagnose cancer due to cancer," he added.

Imasma emphasizes lung cancer.

"If they had been diagnosed only in the first half of the lung cancer patients, it would be five years or better," he said.


Pneumonia is a respiratory infection. During the past decade, 579 089 tells about the life of Filipinos every year.

"Pneumonia is a disorder that causes cancer, but it is caused by pneumonia and lung cancer, and adults, diabetes, dialysis and dialysis patients are considered risk factors for pneumonia," said medical researcher Danny Shoji Dela Rossa.

Dela Rosa said that patients suffering from pneumonia alone or having a health problem were not only symptomatic in hospitals.

"If we are in hospital we have a chance to have pneumonia, and all the illnesses brought to the hospital are stronger, we can kill them when we give them to antibiotics, but what happens to antibiotic resistant bacteria? They are weakening the immune system's immune system," she said.

Dela Rossa added that pollution might cause pollution. But depends on how well a person's immune system is weak or strong.

"Adult vaccines and immunizations that are offered annually are important to minimize the possibility of infection in adults, which may be avoided for a limited amount of time, but pneumonia is a common exit of many patients.

Other diseases

56,690 cases of hypertensive diseases, 33,292 cases, diabetic patients 33,295, other heart patients 28,641, 24,462 cases of lung disorders, 24, 2365 cases and respiratory infections. Diseases of sexual ailments with 19.759 patients.

The IASA told PNA that the symptoms of the disease are now serious and they will approach Philipin Doctors only. So their cancer or any illness would be later added.

"Unlike other countries, they may schedule a debate, pay it by government or insurance, and the Philippines will avoid seeing doctors because they can always provide food and education, which is always a pocket expenditure," he said. The report on health care systems in the country shows a lower mortality rate. In the future. (PNA)

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