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Alan Reggueco

In connection with the repeated violations of his men, including "Shabu" or rape, the Philippine National Police (PNP) is now implementing a strike policy on police and unit heads across the country. They assert they will incur by their men.

On August 8, 2018, Camp Brigadier General Rafael T. Keban, Komin is head of the Philippines National Hemisphere National Police (PNP) at the 117th Police Service anniversary of the PNP chief Oscar Albatile (PCO / Mayilil Bulletin)

PNP Chief Oscar Alberide (PCO / Mullah Bulletin)

Director General Oscar Al-Balad, Director General Oscar Al-Balad, regional commanders, local directors and heads of various support units of the PNP have been sent to all commanders at the convention conference.

In a series of events that overthrew the PNP in previous weeks, Albayl said that a single strike policy on internal refinancing was decided.

Three different incidents of sexual assault against Metro Manila sexually assaulted teacher in Palo

"The relief will be immediate, and the second will not be a chance, because we have already made memorandum and directives all the things they have done earlier, yet their men can not be monitored," said Albayl.

Unlawful Drug Use and Criminals' Crimes of Criminals include a single strike policy. He said that the police would put all the bad in the field.

He explained what the police chief or unit leader had done to defeat their men responsible for the supervision of the police commander.

"Chiefs of police are only handling about 30 to 100 officers and we do not know why they are not able to monitor their staff," said Albayl.

Such a policy has already been implemented in Metro Manila when the emergency commander of police involved in rape cases is immediately expelled from their posts.

If an immediate solution to the ABI statement is very serious, the current relief of provincial directors and regional directors will be reduced.

Provincial commanders and regional directors are the only means of relieving comfort, and how they respond to the proportion of their men.

PNP chief said that local politicians, candidates and murders will be included in the relief work.

However, before taking action against the police officers in this case, time will be given to settle the case.

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