Saturday , June 10 2023

& # 39; raises threat before Eliouro City & # 39;


Poe, a rival of the Mayor's Electric and Power Corp, after criticizing the Coco-based company, which is blackmailing customers in City, Pawan Electric Company (EEIL) in Illinois City.

In the Senate, as they did in the Congress, the former Mining Power and Power Corporation (former mining company) threatened the credible reliability of the Elolio City, following their railway strategies. Peco said in an interview.

PECO President Louis Miguel Cachock has promised to the community of Ilonggo, "We will definitely stay as long as we love fellow travelers Ilonggos, and we are not leaving the city alone."

PECO's Legal Council Inoscensio Ferrer announced in January 2019 that PECO's legal franchise was set before him.

"Those who want to serve customers PECO City, electro, unless the government. Teams do not want the government to stop the activities of phranciniyum, will not be allowed to work pekeaye pointedly, then pelea not be able to run it, atmart'thatayuntakum to fulfill the needs of the city's electricity supply ailealiyea," pherer measures Said.

Pecco said the franchise would have more power in power supply in 2018. The application will be submitted until July 2017.

"If you want to distribute power and sell the elogoggos correctly, I would not have much to show in Ilonggos by planning to plan your plans to the Elliotta city too, why so late, the House, the Senate committee committees and the time to put pressure on the city of Elolo. Sir.

The PECO MORE Power's claim was claimed that Ilio City was blackmailed by the power crisis.

Elliot City's actions, the lack of proper planning, was just about the reality of what MORE Power brought.

"For a long time there is a mine company, especially the people in the city of Elolo, who do not know what they are about, who is the leader of the Eolio City?" Peleko added.

Since PECO's assets can not be purchased, PECO's assets can be constituted by the PEO.

"Pecco's constitutional rights, its partners, are uncomfortable because of its uncontrolled preference for personal wealth against every citizen in this country, and Peko can do it precisely what they will do to other Ilegoos in the city of Iloygo. And

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