Tuesday , January 26 2021

A new study asked parents to worry less about the use of their children's screen

This is a question that cheats most parents today. She is the subject of much debate. Technology makes our life seamless and fast, most parents have expressed astonishment on how children and youth should access gadgets and devices. Increasing screen time in children has sparked various theories and studies.

As more and more children gain hands-on smartphones and tablets, researchers are engaged in checking the effects of these devices on the child's brain and behavior.

In a recently published report BMJ Open Medical Journal, The researchers have suggested that the screen time can not be dangerous for children as the parent believed in origin. A strong yet relief statement to make, however, the story is a bit more complicated than it.

Is the screen screen a bad thing?

Leaders in Child Medicine Royal College of Pediatrics And child health or RCCCHH provides guidance for their screen time consuming under 18 years of age. In short, the guidelines remain on this basis that there is no good evidence that too much time is against the screen.

Previous studies have indicated the use of high screen and a possible correlation between obesity and depression. However, RCCH rejects this claim, believing that the evidence does not fully support this hypothesis.

Under the leadership of RCCC chair Rachel Winners, the team does not focus on screen screen time, but if devices prevent children from participating in "real-world" activities. The guide's researchers had discussed that smart devices should not change time with sleep, exercise and family.

Even more, devices should not use an hour before bed, because the notable effects sleep in pattern. According to the study, excessive bad habits in children can be worse than excessive screen time.

However, the officer of the study for the health promotion for RCCH, Dr. Max Davy has maintained that phones and tablets are actually "the best way to explore the world".

Dr. Max Dewey wants to remove negative stigma or guilty parents by allowing their children to spend a lot of time on the devices. "We can cut and say 'and if you are actually fixing and you have answered these questions (below) and you are happy, go ahead and live your life and stop worrying." Says Dewey

This RCCC You have also given a list of questions to ask if you want to ban your child's screen time.

  • Is your family's screen time under control?
  • What does your family want to do to interfere with the screen?
  • Does the use of the screen interfere with sleep?
  • Are you able to control breakfast during the screen?

What do you think about limiting time to time spent on children? Do you believe its harmful effects?

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