Wednesday , January 20 2021

Accuman success asks DC to "focus too little on the shared universe".

Ekvuman has been a big success for DC and Warner Bros. Studios.

Superhero solo movie Justice League member follows Aquaman (Jason Momo) because he wants to prevent the battle between Atlantis and the world's surface marine empire, and learn more about its origins in this process and whether it is the empire for itself.

The film was joined by a very rich billion-dollar club, which means that it is the DC's biggest movie for the current universe of cinematic characters.

As a result, they are changing their approach.

Talking with Warner Bros's Picture Group chairman Toby Emmer's The Hollywood Reporter, discussing their plans ahead.

"We all feel that we have now turned into an angle. We are playing through DC Playbook, which is very different from Marvel Playbook.

"We've focused very little on the distributed universe, we take it one movie at a time. If you have one thing to say about us, then it should always be about the directors. "


Marvel has often been criticized for not giving more control over his films to the directors, and he has been encouraged to move him to the DC in his recent shoot of Galaxy Gardens, director of Galaxy, because he has developed a suicide squad sequel.

In addition, big-name directors like Pati Jenkins and James Van have convinced DC to show their skills to some skilled directors.

The forthcoming DC movie is about to be released, next year's Wonder Woman 1984, which returns to Jenkins, the director's chair.

There is a possibility that we will also see a sequel to Aquamarine.

Aquaman is now in cinema.

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