Tuesday , June 22 2021

Apple remembers Apple's iPhone and MacBook Pro 13 in Samsung

Apple's smartphone units were sold after a year after the launch of Somalongaga City and iPhone X.

Except for iPhone X, Apple backs MacBook Pro 13 with accidental solid-state drives or SSD.

In a notification announced on Tuesday Sony's Facebook page, "Apple MacArthur Apple Approved Service Provider has identified Apple RePal programs for MacBook Pro 13, solid-state drives (SSD) and iPhones exposure touch problems with disrupted units."

Power Mac Center said that customers with qualified devices will replace their MacBook Pro 13 & Repair and iPhone X for free.

Complaints have been filed against complaints for display touch issues and users do not know how many units or iPhones do in Sambo or Philippines.

While the iPhone X has a new glass design and good specifications, the 5.8-inch Super Retina Old Edge to Edge display and Wireless charging / fast charging support.

Apple iPhone X and X-Max exchanged two-sized super-retina when the iPhone stopped production. The biggest display (6.5 inches above X Max). The smartphone is the best and strongest chip. The twin-cameras made possible by the progress of depth control are based on Apple's estimates. (Mindayo Tester)