Friday , August 19 2022

China is looking for a vast tract of industrial parks


Raman Lopez

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez (File Photography GRIG C. Moningrende / Philippine Day Equator)

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said the Singapore-China Philippines will be developed into industrial parks to locate large areas of land.

Lapse said that China and China will sign MoU on development of industrial parks during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

"I know I'm there [a deal] In industrial parks. Some companies are interested, more of a interest, possibly [in] Iron ore and steel production, "he said. He was speaking at the South East Asian Nations conference.

Ongoing consultation

But with the Chinese army it is not yet accepted. There is still an ongoing consultation there. But I know that in industrial parks there is an idea, "he added.

Lopez did not disclose plans to develop industrial parks in the country.

They are looking for places where they can build these industrial parks, "the trade secretary said.

Townships are 1,000 hectares

China wants to develop land on townships, that is, usually 1000 hectares of 200 hectares.

"It takes some time and places [in the Philippines] Can a large area close to the harbor be opened or can they develop the port? "He said.

Ginger Garden, a development company in China, has already sent a team to the country, conducting possibilities and location studies.

"They are serious in expanding property in our country," he said.

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