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Dortmund was defeated by Dar clashes Bayen. Seven points went from four teams to the Bundesliga team.

Berlin: Barnabya Dortmund wins two goals Berlin lost to Buenosliga Champion Bayern Munich 3-2.

Click & # 39; Bayern coach Niko Kovac said: "It's been a great deal for us. Click & # 39; But in football, everything is possible. Click & # 39;

Bayern striker Robert Lavandovsky twice agreed twice to his role twice, twice. After the first penalty, a handwriting to the cross of Lucas Psezesek.

Fail to get a RICE score. But Ashkel Witsal scored a defensive strike by Bayern when the ball was bowled out and scored in the 73rd minute. Spain's Manuel Noyer, who finished eighth in the sixth league match, was cool at the start.

Bayernan President Uly Hunes and chairman Carl Haynes Rammamagegay were playing in the stadium.

Lavandovsky tried to score a goal but was injured by a veteran draw.

Dortmund defeated Bayern by four points and defeated Verder Brehmens 3-1 at the second round of the boutique Monchenglabb.

The league debuted at the Ogbasburg former Morkel Hits Dortmund after Royal Burke suffered a series defeat.

Bayern showed great performances. Starting in September, the early organizers showed the importance of uncertainties, determination, and speed.

Leavondovsky overtook mid-day mid-day server gentleman crossed with a strong header for the exact cross of Guibri.

After resuming the match, you told me that Ryour would be dropped, and he ran up to score a quick penalty.

With the help of Jose Kimichi, Lanwadowski won his second minute achievement.

Rosen should have won again when Joden Sancho met for free, but returned to Bayern by way of goal line clearance.

Laodontowski thought he had scored a third goal. But the goal could not be scored.

Just before the alkalas arrived, Rís was dancing. Augsburg and Bayer Leverkusen once again proved to be a sparkling win over Spain.

Click & # 39; We have to correct many things. There is a huge amount to improve, "said Dortmund coach Lusien Fawar.

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