Wednesday , July 28 2021

DFAA diplomatic opposition vs. Requesting to file soccer on the trash

Verde Soko Phil Industrial Corporation Project Engineer Nathaniel Karampat examines a truncated plastic that he will use as a raw material for the company's recycling facility at CTO Boogack, Barangue Santa Cruz, Tagolan. Verde will manufacture socks and briquettes that will export to China and South Korea and will be made in plastic furniture and other items. (Photo by Jigar J. Jerusalem)

Eilgan City – The representative of the city's sole district has asked the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to register diplomatic protests after the research of garbage waste waste at the Minnano International Container Terminal (MICT) in Tagolone, Missmish Orient with the South Korean government.

In a broadcast broadcast to the press on Sunday, Rep. Frederick COO gave a privilege speech on the house full ceremony on November 14 in the House Full House, where he brought this about South Korean scrap import.

The COO said, "We want to tell the South Korean government to stop the DFA from conducting a complete investigation of the shipment of waste and preventing any similar shipments from being sent to our country."

This, Verde Soke Philippines Industrial Corporation (VSPIIC), which owns shipments, has already explained that 51-container van of garbage will be processed in bullets and briquettes and it will be used as raw material for South Korea And China will be sent back. For plastic furniture and other items.

"We want to close and close the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DNR), Trade and Industry (DTI), the Home and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) Division," Verde Sokoni's Property, "he said. .

He also added that VSPIC was known as Solid Waste Management, Customs Tariff and International Agreement in the control of hazardous waste transboundary movement and Basel Convention.

Siyo was concerned because MITT Eligen City, Cagayan de Oro City and the rest of Northern Mindanao also serve "for starters and then for the rest of the world."

According to the Bureau of Customs (BOC), garbage wastewater entered the Philippines in July 24th this year, which is the largest amount of waste entering the country.

"As representative of Iligan City, I say that residents of Ilgin City reject the 51 South Korean waste's 51 containers," the CIA said in its privilege speech.

In the previous statement, the South Korean government has told its embassy that he has ordered an investigation into the incident involved in the incident and stressed that he would take steps to bring the garbage disposal back to South Korea as soon as possible. (PNA)

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