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Faeldon's BuCor appointment paper has been signed, says Guevarra

Faeldon's BuCor appointment paper has been signed, says Guevarra

Christine Joy Patag ( – November 20, 2018 – 1:32 pm

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevara said the Philippines President Rodrigo Dutter Niccolò Felladine signed the appointment.

Felicon's appointment documents are ready to be released by the Executive Secretary, Chief Justice of India told mediapersons.

However, Guevara has said that he can not be trusted when publication is published.

Guevara said on Wednesday that Feloden "would like to take a swearing-in" and that he would take up his place in Booker.

On October 12, the Justice Secretary said Dieter Félène was selected by the agency Buchore under DJ.

A month later, Che Guevara said, Foldon has not yet reported to work.

The BUCCor reported on November 12 that Fauldon's camp had been reported by former Army officer BUCCor.

Behur director general post is the third nominee of Dündert's governor Feldman.

This post was empty by Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa. He received a certificate from the senator for last month's senator.

She was appointed Chief Booker in 2016. But he resigned in December 2017.

The president accepted his resignation and said: "I'm confident that he is a sincere person, and I'm confident he's honest."

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"The government needs a Feludon," said Dorten.

Feluda was again appointed as president of the Civil Defense Office under the National Defense Department.

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