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FIFA: Better Agreement with the Intermediate Boss Solar for Real Madrid


MADRID: International Real Madrid manager Santiago Solari has been appointed as permanent coach on Monday. Julian Luptigui had been deposed for reversing the performance of European champions.

The Spanish Football Federation said that Real Madrid had worked on contract and no problems.

Following Lupitigue's sudden entry into the past month, Solar was a four-wicket victory from four wins on a caretaker.

When he scored 15 goals, he got a two rating rating and started to get a real manager.

In the Copa del Rey, Melilla has won in the Premier League 5-0 before Real Madrid and Celta flights to win in La Liga.

Masters overcame Madrid after surpassing Barcelona's league.

He only encouraged Castello in the solar club's bout, which spent five years on Real Realty, led by Lopelegi, who was the only one win in seven games.

The last of the 5-1 champions ahead of the club has proved to be the last straw for president president Florentino Pacers. The team, however, surrendered to their new coach.

The 13th manager of Percez in 15 seasons in Santiago Burnaby in September.

"He has done the best," said Emilya Burugenen, director of the Madrid Club Sunday night. "We're glad how things went."

Solar can now argue with some of the results that have earned the opportunity to prove themselves for a long time.

& # 39; Great opportunity & # 39;

He indicated in his open press conference that he was open to the full-time work.

"It's a great opportunity, it's a big club," Solari said. "I'm not saying that the coach of the first team, I've worked with other teams, and I played in this club's shirt.

"Although Madrid is bigger than us, it touches us with our greatness, and I want to be a part of it."

Cédéné Seiden arrived in Midnight during his training in Castilla in 2016. After five months, he led the Champions League.

Compared to the Sidri, Sania performed well. The club's best performance and retention in the club, led to three consecutive Champions League titles as Real Legends.

"He is one of the best things we could have in this club," Solar said. "He is very calm, it's a big coach and nobody can compare him."

Challenging the challenges of solarium is to dress the dress for the worse.

After the international competition, Madrid's most competitive competitions continue to play league games in Ibar, Valencia, Huesca, Rio Verlello and Villieria. No one has ever played in the first half of La Liga.

In the Champions League they play Ronaldo and CSKA Moscow. Two games that pass through the top goal group

According to the specification regulations, according to the specification regulations, only Solomon is allowed only for two weeks, and the possibility of a Selto's visit to Sunday will take place before a decision on his future.

This was tested by Final Addiction after defeating Madrid 4-2. Solaric had to face one injury.

"We're going to die with him, he's a great coach and we're sure we'll stay," said Madrid's defender Alvaro Odoriola.

It will be the first job of Solaris who is in charge of the first team.

Antonio Kondi, Mauritius Pochetino, Jose Mourinho, and Jachim Law are all related to this situation.

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