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From the first African-American top network executive ABC

Changing Dugge

On June 13, 2018, Chanley Dunky Woman in Film Crystal enters Lucy Awards, Beverly Hills and Calif.

Chan Dungi, President of ABC Entertainment, has created a deep bench of networking. Rosson was shot to the bar for a racy tweet.

The ABC corporate head Walt Disney bought the 21st Century Fox and reorganized the television units in Disney.

Durrey, head of the first African-American programming that was nominated for the job in February 2016, will replace Kare Burke, the CEO of Cable Channel Freefall in 2014, from ABC. .

Kare Burke

17th Annual Prizam Award at Beverly Hills is a programming development executive on the Karf Burke Freefort Network. Chasing Singh will be appointed as ACC Entertainment President. Image: Vince Books / Vision / AP, File

Durgi will continue to be in transition as Burke acquired.

From the "Ir" and "The West Wing", during the restart of the bark, including the production of the NBC preliminary series, "Scrubs" and "Freaks and Geeks"

In a statement, she has been called ABC Home for years, but wants to deal with new, unmistakable challenges.

The network was under the dung of the former president who served as the head of the development of the Ernakulam Dam. This network is multiconics shows like Scagal, How to Everything With Murder, and African-American maker Shroi Raimes.

Rams, ABCs will display the main time schedule on Thursday, and Kenya Baris, the leading producer of the network's "Black Isha" network, jumped to the ships for profitable streaming transactions.

Obama's predecessor, Valerie Jeret, tweeted an African-American fraudster after being tweaked. The bar was apologetic, but the show was an immediate success for her, and was redesigned without her and made the break down as "Vitana".

Dr. W. Walden Fox, Executive Director, Disney Ltd, chairman of Disney Television Studio and ABC Entertainment.

When Fox takes over the acquisition, Bark will report to Waldan and Burke will be announced in Freeoffice, ABC said.

In a statement, Disney congratulated Bob Eiger Dungei, who liked the "curiosity, emotions, and creativity".

Burke graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. "The great character that touches the hearts of so many people" has given him glory to continue in the tradition of Dunkey. NVG

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