Sunday , May 22 2022

Homeworld studio receives their idol on Mars


To celebrate the successful landing of the Insight spacecraft on the red planet, Blackbird Interactive (now charged Homeworld) And NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has publicized their version Project Eagle Mars Base Software.

I wrote about it in 2017; When not Game, It is still a sports-like program, which can actually look like a realistic settlement on Mars, acts as an interactive model.

"Users have been described as a tool to allow users to explore and explore potential future Mars colonies, which show that the original" has resulted in real possibilities, direct direction by real technology and NASA and JPL scientists about technical and physical barriers Reacts with the reaction. " To build a human colony on the red planet. "

This realism extends to the surrounding movements of the base, because it uses the terrain data taken from the Mars Reconciences Orbiter.

Project Eagle Steam is now out on

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