Monday , May 29 2023

Implementing the new contract system at the Embassy's home in the Philippines – ARAB TIMES


The sponsor can also send the embassy to the complainant

A new system has been launched in Kuwait's Philippine Embassy. The new system will be implemented for those working in the Gulf region of Kuwait. Al-Rai newspaper reported the matter.

One of the most important provisions of this agreement is that a homeowner (maid) should take care of more than four children.

If a home has four babies, the worker must hire another mate. A source of information about this system is explained by a rigorous day of the employer to fill the correct details when applying for domestic services.

Having provided the wrong information on the number of domestic members, the domestic labor has the right to withdraw the domestic work after proving that the case is true.

In accordance with the new system, one employer must provide a separate room for a home workshop with telephone and internet services for calling the employer. Every week she should give her a day of rest.

The embassy must have the right to examine the welfare of citizens working in the domestic sector. Contract terms provide that the Embassy's representative has agreed to a representative of the Philippines Embassy to allow their citizens to visit their domestic citizens.

The sponsor (employer) will require prior approval from the appropriate time for the visit. If they have any complaint between the two parties, they should accept the sponsor's order. "

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