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Luka Modric: Football news from the Croatian refugee to FIFA's top players


Lucas Modrik has had an incredible boost

Lucas Modrik has had an incredible boost

On Sunday, the organized team of England's UEFA Nations League against Croatia is a major threat to Lucas Modica's departure from the lower start of becoming FIFA's best player, and Gareth Sogotte's part.

Humility is the beginning

He was forced to flee with his family in Yugoslavia, who was forced to flee with his family in Yugoslavia due to the terrorist nature of the Croatian War of Independence. He grew up as a refugee in his hometown surrounded by a large and ruined hotel in Zadar. Despite these difficulties, he made a platform to display at the football player NK Sadar.

He had a height and a small frame with him. He thus refuted Hajoku spilled. Though observed by Sadar chairman Josip Bajlow, he observed that he was too small and simple, taking into account his age. Something special in him ".

The montic for a dynamo zagreb

The montic for a dynamo zagreb

Tomislav BASIC was one of the first coaches of NK Saadar's Mod. He treats his sportsperson as a sponsor. At the end of 2001, he spent a year in club youth setup for the trip to Dinov Zagreb. He won the Player of the Year award for the 2003-4 season with Premier League's Srinyski Montrée of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Next season, a temporary stadium – with Interpropic – helped the club to serve the club as runners up in the Croatian Football League. A long time ago, Zagreb was given a 10-year contract. Immediately, he spent part of his new wealth. He was buying a flat for the family in the Sadar town. In such difficult situations, they are rewarding the sacrifices they made to advance their development.

Croatian against England

November 18, 2018, 1:00 pm


Madrig was an important factor in Midfield as part of a Zagreb team that had won successive flights from 2005 to 2007. In Brazil, Maddie was an important figure in the development of Eredo da Silva. In the two tournaments he scored 54 league goals in the season.

This was done at the end of the 2006/07 season in the Stadon mockymmer. Eduardo devoted 7.5 million pounds for Arsenal in the revolution in Manchester City. Although Arsenal and Barcelona were interested, the position of Modi was repaid and rewarded; After completing a league, the cup was double, and it got a surprise 28 points margin.

Progress continued

After refusing to leave his home country, he agreed to a six-year deal to join Tottenham in April 2008 and 16.5 min in summer.

Spurs started with Premier League's base at the end of September. However, when Hugh took off the Redknapp – Juende Ramos, his light during London's Lightweight & # 39; The tags followed him. He threw him from the left in the Croatian side. The club decided to create a squad led by matrix.

Modick was a star for sports

Modick was a star for sports

And his portion began to be there. In the first leg of the Champions League in 2010, Madri appeared in the Champions League. When he finished fifth in a league season, he calculated exactly the average number of passes (62.5) for an average of 87.4 percent.

In the summer of 2011, Chelsea's goal was to increase the interest of Chelsea midfielder by claiming the finals of a game. 22 million a month and 27 million pounds each.

With Chelsea's interest, Madrid had a final bid in the next season against Manchester United of the next season. He got it on Date days because of his promise of £ 40 million for his services.

Despite the importance of the secular image of Redknap, Madrak made a deal with a sparse chairman Daniel Levy. It's going to be a lot of opportunities from big clubs.

Score sports

England face Croatia in the UEFA Nations League, Sky Sports Football Live

It becomes a galaxy

"A wonderful football player, with the young man scoring the ball around with the people around, the people around the world can play in any of the worlds," says Motorsk once the scorescore boss Redknap. He became a successful enterprise in the summer of 2012.

During the 2011/12 Premier League season, he participated in the Modi race. He joined Real Monterrer with Jose Montenro on August 27 at Spurs' Ballonet 4-1 Championship and was awarded a £ 30 million fee. Galaxy second second era.

From his very beginning at White Heart Lane, Modi faced challenges early. In the absence of early season training and a stiff competition in his early influences with Barnabee. From the summer of 2013, Carlo Anselotti was appointed, and the Macedonian demonstrations were for the product of the upliftment of Spanish capital.

With Real Madrid, he has won four Champions League leagues

With Real Madrid, he has won four Champions League leagues

Bollywood star broke with a middle midfield of Seba Alonso and Modik. This partnership has been elevated by the Champions League and Copa del Rey in 2013/14. Tony Cross joined Alonso after his departure but Modi was injured in the next event. Ansalotty is suffering from injury & # 39; injured & # 39; Real explained that they failed to win their second consecutive championship. League title since 2011/12, the first La Liga title.

Since then, the team's key member, Mr Modi, has appeared 268 times. He scored 13 goals and contributed to 41 assists. These are only five of the Champions League wins, two Spanish Super Cup games and a La Liga giant, which is part of a trophy.

He is the best player in the world

Captain of the Croatian team of Scatano Daleks, this summer's World Cup, led by Modi – as usual. He scored several outlets as the best player in the group, after winning two goals and substituted two penalties, winning the first two teams in the first team since Argentina in 1990, and more time against England.

Real Madrid and Croatian midfielder Madrik won the fitness title

Real Madrid and Croatian midfielder Madrik won the fitness title

At the end of the 33-year period, 87 percent of passports were running in Russia from seven competitions to 72.3 km. For the final, each player has passed the maximum of half of an opponent.

Being cruel, the face was finally closed. Croatia lost 4-2 to France at Masido, but Madri's contribution to the 2018 World Cup won the Golden Ball for the best player.

August to September and later in October. The FIFA Men's Player of the Year, and the UEFA Men's Player of the Year, was announced as one of the 30 nomineers for the 2010 Ballon d'Or award.

England won the UEFA Champions League Final Sunday.

England won the UEFA Champions League Final Sunday.

After the offensive of Cidrusky Moser in 2003/04, "anyone playing a Bosnia can play anywhere." He enjoyed the blinking year, and his early predictions seem to be true – if England again see his talents again in the National League, you can see it live. Sky sports Sunday.

More and more Scotland sports team have been acquired by the French.

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