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Measurements of penalties – Bullet atlat


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Lewes Tedoro, Mantage Point

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Philiponos admits the indictment of Indela Merkas, who grabbed the seven measures of intent on looting from the treasury of Mark Cleopatiko. Swiss bank accounts, real estate, jewelry, Bern, Paris, and other capitals of the world and collections of art ever tiriccetukkappetum that drives some of the bill, they may be of any type of legal punishment pratiksiccittuntenkilum kallanmarkketiraya, but against a markkeasinre Family merkkurikk Rrapatram submitted by the 27-year-graft court's decision that he was mentally broken.

Imtto Marcos was certainly the former Flat Valley. She is currently a member of the Women's Electorate in Euras Nork, the Destroyer of the Country in the 2019 election.

Ferdinand Marcos, a 89-year-old widow in the 15th division of the Anti-Corruption Division, has been declared a criminal offense each time. If the execution is executed, then 42 years of imprisonment – if she is not 131, it seems irrelevant. However, there are reasons other than her age. She is suspicious of her promise.

In 1992, the Metropolitan Manila governor had allegedly issued a 200 million dollar bank for seven Swiss foundations in his own work. Her.

Like most killers and masterminders who kill journalists. Police officers and their vigilants who are responsible for suspected tens of thousands of illegal murders of drug dealers and consumers; Military gangsters and their paramilitary partners operate on the murder of Lumad leaders, peasants, workers, human rights defenders, representatives of lawmakers, judges, politicians and local officials. Those convicted of the sentence were later sentenced to the government. Drugglers and Bureau of Customs officials smuggle drug smugglers worth millions of pesos in the country. Bureaucrat capitalists and government criminals enable them to escape prosecution from rising lawyers. One of the hands of the wealthy and good relatives of the country who steal and steal from their way to the bureaucracy is sure that she will not spend a day or night in western countries of the country. All the prisoners are living in the poor;

If she has ever been arrested, she is more likely to participate in some aircrafts, Elizabeth colored government systems, or high-end hospital suits. But that will not happen. Because her punishment was not the final, and they will be able to re-examine before Sandeepban. Or because it can file an appeal before the Supreme Court, does not encourage the belief that current structure and attitudes are in the system of justice.

Already there is an attempt to escape from the prison. A few hours after this decision was taken on November 9, Senator Cynthia Villar, who had been with the Seminary, Imi Markos, had already stated that Imtoto Marks should have been an age-old enough to be arrested against arrest. PNP again in the same sentiment. In this country where there are "humanitarian" considerations for such large-scale offenses that are alleged to be spoil and corruption, there is no guarantee of escape from the detention on that basis.

We have recently seen some. The extraordinary illustration of the former Marco Partner and Jun Pons Enrieli is free of charge in bail, following his age. But it's as powerful as possible to appear in a media interview, as well as a resurgence for the Senate.

Manila mayor, former president Joseph Estrada, and a criminal murderer, Elmada Markos, can give her pardon by doing some miracles. The presidential spokesman Salvador Panolo declares that Malachankar is respected but, without a single word, it is of immense value. President Rodriguez Dutert again shows his or her views to change or deny what his compatriot says. He knows today to say something else tomorrow. He did not do anything – he did not do anything.

These wastes and excuses deserve the punishment: the way to do things – from the penalty of the rich, the stronger, and the culprits, the more civilized – the way to do this beautiful country. It is not a unique character of the present state, but has been a part of the philosophy for decades.

The term "cultural uncertainties" was used by New York based journalists in 2003 about how the rebels in conflict zones were established in various countries. Journalists killed in Philippines The Freedom Monitoring Committee Committee has been obliged to protect journalists in explaining how the main streams behind them survive after Marcus's day.

This text does not apply only to the fact that journalists' killers have become commonplace to escape the punishment that can be passed to the democratic rule in the Philippines. It also applies to cases of threat, torture, murder, advocate, human rights defenders, justice available in the country, and strong commitment to criminals. To resist the poor and marginalization is being repeatedly demonstrated.

The most brutal crimes are murder, murder, unlawful, civilians, policemen, paramilitary soldiers, occupiers, governors and landlords, nobody punished or prosecuted, the peasants, the workers and the indigenous peoples who are responsible for the most cruel, brutal and inhuman crimes. Guilty of crimes like guns, kidnapping and retention. Rights of the poor, their right to live, crucial measures and justice.

The term "double standard" was used to describe it. But Andrew Bonifaccio and Antonio Luna's killers have escaped the murder of more than a century, not being explained what is happening in this country. In regard to Markos and their activities, a crime, abnormality, or honest mental state.

Bobby Prize – Imeda Marco's determination was the necessity to oppose the Marco family's efforts to understand the cruelties of Marble law. It should help me understand what's not known. But do not wait for that – it's violence, looting, unprecedented theft and predetermined conspiracy in the future of the country.

This is not a prize, but in today's situations it can be expected too. But nothing is everlasting. If history is a guiding principle, they too have to pass, even on the day of consideration, and even on these untrue islands.

Louis V. Teodoro is Facebook and Twitter (@ blisteodoro). Views expressed at the Vancouver point are his own, and the Center for Media Fred and Responsibilities are not viewers.


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November 15, 2018

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