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The footprints of Mathera emerge in the Edse-Kaming. There have been major criticisms because of its height. -Jam st Rose

The footprints of Mathera emerge in the Edse-Kaming. There have been major criticisms because of its height. -Jam st Rose

The Manelaw Development Authority (MMDA) said tens of thousands of steel bridges were constructed for Eds Kamingji, Cucson City.

Those with disabilities, elderly or fearful, expect to end in mid-months.

Stopgap measure

The bridge, which is located near Manuel L. Kusen University, will be a step in the process of stopping the accident at Metro Manila's busiest roads, spokesman for the MCDA Soli Palegoo said.

According to the MMDA data, there are at least 10 accidents every month.

"Pedestrians may be unwell or lazy in searching for unscrupulous crossings," said Pyalao. "It's the best compromise we can go instead of letting Edza go in. We have the safety of the people."

But most netizens begged to divide. Footbridge Images went viral on social media, and then a lot of people called it trouble and security and danger.

There is a flat, single-level path to traditional footbridges. Some are made of concrete. Let's take a roof to protect people from the elements.

On the other side of the Kamenong footpath there is a 45 degree slope.

At the highest point, Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT3) is hanging over three meters above the cable wool.

The MRT3 railway tracks are similar to the road between GMA-Kamingh and Quizon Avenue stations. If this height is raised, let it build the halves.

No overhead cover

Critics point out that the steel structure is not completely overwhelmed.

Piyarago explained that the MMDA is preventing the use of alcohol for migrants or hunt for maglers.

If the MMDA comes its way, there will be a calf concrete. But the lack of funds for the agency is often related to its resources.

"We assure you that this bridge is as safe as possible," they said. "If they think they are still risky, I suggest going to 500 mm across the Timog Bridge, or to cross 500 meters into the Quizon Avenue, which is where they should go first."

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