Saturday , June 19 2021

Monoland is coming to Manila the next year for a fan meeting

We already have the lover, Hit it BBoom BBoom!

Girlfriends girlfriends BBoom BBoom On January 25 next year, Smart Arneta in Quisson City comes to Manila, a fan fan.

The sixth center in the official social media account has been announced.

The ticket details have not yet been announced.

Leo Hin Bin, Yonovi, Jane Tsun, Kim Tahaya, Kim Nayan, Daisy Yu, Ji Ye Lee, Lee Aahin and Nancy Joule McDonald are among the MOMands in 2016. Girls are the most popular women's groups in the K-pop group in the Philippines BBoom BBoom.

Monmont and fans of their Philipinas in June Balm Music video featuring the Philippines flag and the jeeps.

This was not the first generation of girls in Manila. The Facebook "Meri" (fans of Momoland) are sure that girls who announced in June will visit the country in their live session.

They are very bad, because this group was presented only at a private event in the solar resort & casino in August.

When the Monomandent announced at the inauguration of the National University of the Philippines University Athletics Association (NU) in September this year, the fans got a second chance to see the group. Nothing at all.

Momoland was a non-show and NU deleted its initial announcements in social media. On the same day that the inauguration on the Haluppop Festival in Singapore, Mohamaland decided to make the same.

Well, you know what they're saying, the third is the cham. This will help fans in Philippi meet their idols.

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