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Pesakali Street Artists at the Fukuoka Creative Festival 2018


Hunger strike

Pasakalye Group of Artist again, this November in the media preview of the Bagoo Christmas Festival, on 10th Dominik Hill. The artists exhibited their paintings from 10 am to 12 noon.

While Media Guests gave an event for Art Institutions at Dominic Hill, 16 great local artists completed their work within two hours. The event was part of the inauguration day of EntaCool Busy in 2018. This is known as the 'Baguio Christmas Festivals'.

Pasakalye artists show us how to do it

Spot paintings sponsored by Davis Paintings Philippines. Lisf f. This is Dawn

Pasekali is a group of local artists known for the street art festivals usually held on weekends. A team led by Marikar Doxizan, a regional entrepreneur for a vintage bookstore books, was formed in 2016. The goal of the group is to promote the activities of the local artists.

Since then, members of the group have conducted several art exhibitions and programs, including paint painting sessions and pencil sketch sessions.

The following artists participated in this event for the launch of the Beagi Creative Festival this year: Fred Aguano, Gil Alunki, Julian Almirol, Rolland Bay, Ronnie Kabila, Buddie Cabrera, Mario Cobb, Joseph Domimir Jr., Eric Wigan Warren Naouak, Gilbert Rafer, Tor Sagard, Areali Thiekood, Willie Tevez and Jonathan Wilbas.

Buddy Cabraera shows you how it happened. Lisf f. This is Dawn

Another Baguio veteran artist, Roland Bay-A. Lisf f. This is Dawn

Art's private sector support

Like most creative events in the festive occasion, supporting the private sector plays an important role in implementing Auster painting. The local paint maker Davis Paints gave painted materials to the piccali artists of the Philippines.

The keta mendiola of Davis paints indicated that the precision of the arts in Cordillerais was supported. La Labeded Tobacco Project has been launched. This was implemented in 2017 with their support for MayilJose's Dynamic Institution. They are actively supporting the Brigada escalade of the Education Department.

They say that one of the sponsors of the Bagumi Christmas Festival is enthusiastic. Baguio artists have been known for a long time, and they believe that such a festival will go with greater creative in the city.

Visit the Creative Boogios website for more information about the festival.

Local artists colored art works This is Dawn

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