Wednesday , May 18 2022

Taiwanian grandfather buys all playing Pokémon 15 Phones, East Asia News & Top Stories


Chen San-Juan turned to the throne near Taiwan's capital Taipei.

the reason?

The 15 mobile phones, Chen, 70, connected to his bicycle are used to play Pokémon Goi.

& # 39; To catch an animated character appearing in the original locations in a smartphone-based game. Players are required.

Cycling cycling between Pokémon Thapal, Mr. Chen and "Focus Popps" has gone viral on the Internet. A small celebrity in the town of Tucheng where he lives.

"I was playing with a cellphone," said Mr Chen, a long, white long shirt and pants, and told Reuters television recently.

A month later, it had three cellphones, six cellphones, nine cellphones, 12, and 15 ", and he introduced his granddaughter to Pompere Gow in 2016.

He will be above $ 4,800. Just $ 300 a month is used in currencies.

Chen San Juan says he is spending $ 4,800 with the US dollars. He also said virtual money spent $ 300 a month to use the game. Photo: Router

Playing on multiple phones makes it quick to reach the top level in the game.

Pension said that custom-made portable battery packages that recharge their phones sometimes will often be played.

Chen's fellow-servant wonders in his energy.

"He can listen to fifteen cellphones," said Shi Chen-van Sheng. "Chen will remain active for six to seven hours until he returns home, which is remarkable."

Pygmemon Go, a joint venture between Nintendo Co and Neoriet, is the biggest hit in the game with the added facts that superficially digitize digital characters in the original game.

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