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Tea or coffee? The answer may be genetics

Coffee. AFP

As researchers have learned how to digest genetic factors, some people know that some people love tea because they love tea.

A paper published this week in Nature Scientific Reports has been found. As a result of high levels of tariff caffeine, those who are more bitter, such as tasteless, typically choose coffee.

But mainly for tea everywhere, it will not correct them.

As human evolutions evolved, the body was found to be a natural warning tool to protect the body from harmful substances.

When we say evolution, we want to drown ourselves.

But those who participated in genetically sensitive trials in caffeine's bitter taste are more likely to have tea. It is more likely to drink more.

"You expect caffe drinkers to taste a bit of caffeine," said Marin Cornelius, professor of medicine who was blocking in the northwestern feinberg school of medicine.

"The inverse results of our study suggests that coffee can be used to caffeine to learn caffeine and learn how to find caffeine or a talent."

So, connoisseurs are genetically predicted to learn about the "good things" that are pre-genetically engineered with the bone of coffee.

In a study of more than 400,000 men and women in the United Kingdom, researchers found that the quinine is likely to avoid bitter, sweet and fragrant coffee, which is associated with bitter fragrances and vegetable compounds.

Liang-Dar Hawang of the Diamantina Institute of Universities at Queensland University in association with the study said at the AFP. Coffee is a priority for some people to show how everyday experiences can forget genetic variations.

Not only genetics but also environmental factors, bitter formation is formed.

"Humans naturally hate the hand, but they can eat or enjoy depression by ecological reasons."

Coffeeers are essentially opposed to evolution, but there is another possibility for your Lat.

Hawang said drinking coffee drinks are a bit more stressful and that other bitter foods like vegetables are less likely to be hated. / CBB

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