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The latest music video for Shargi, stand is 124 stars


Jose Altovers / Sting, FCA | November 16, 2018 17:47

Stipping and Shaggy go for a drug Abath 124 slider

When you watch music videos, the key players we see are the main players that go with super cars, SUVs or Sedan. However, for more and more new music video, chatting and string will be more & # 39; setup & # 39; Decided to do. Specially, their 44/876 Co-operative Album's 'Goeta Geek Back My Baby Music Video' featured in the film 'Fiat 124 Spider Abert' on their 80s.

In the music video, spider is being shot as a ride on Sting and Shaggy. Spider, presented by Miami Detective images. If they look at Miami, both have convinced their captain that they are spider & # 39; Going to do. Music videos are the themes of the 80s and 90s accepted in the television series and the films Miami and Vimeo.

Abort will not be the same as the Lamborghini or the Ferrari Spider 124 and the Spider does not have the same power, which certainly does what you'd like to dive up in Miami as you see in the video.

The latest music video for Shargi, stand is 124 stars

This is not the first time that the Shaggy and Film Crissler Association (FCA) partnered with one of their music videos. The two had previously used another music video singles, the 2019 Jeep Wangler Sahara for Doct McMillage, released from the same album.

"FCA brandukalilutanilam we strive to continuously anticipate to continue our marketing efforts, of course, here, the Fiat brand's personality and fun opportunity to be a little more of our music partners vineadavumulla sahasakavum our approach. Srrang their latest music video, slider and Shah abartt Fiat 124 Gi, respectful, and artists to join them in such an incredibly Navnirman "ephai'eyile the head of the Fiat brand chief marketing officer Olivier Francois said.

See the top poster of Shagi, the entire music video of the post.

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