Monday , May 16 2022

The magic wins the magic to post the first recover victories in the season


Voltaud has 25 points and 10 assists. Bradley Beal scored 21 points, and Washington Wisards won the match for the first time this season. On Monday, Monday, Orlando Magic (117-109) defeated.

Jeff Green added 18 points in six doubles shooting in Washington. On 2-5, Miami won in a match at Orlando on Friday.

When winning 24 surprises in 33 attempts, the magic was more than 22, and the visitors went to 41-34.

Terry Rose rose to 21 points to lead Ireland.

Aaron Gordon dropped 18 points each to 10 minutes. Nouvala Vousvic had 17 points and 11 rebounds.

In the second game at Washington, 14-4, Green scored six goals. From the right of the wards' feed, Wizards secured a lead of 99-94 for the third time. With the help of Wali, he brought a hail to drive forward five more in advance.

From there, the wicket broke up by a group of rival finishes, and later a Free Freak tie-break in Washington, where 108-98 was the leading lead.

Magic is only five points.

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Orlando and Washington tied it to the end of the first three quarters. After the first, 30 is in third place, 55 in third and 83 in third.

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Magic: From 5-8 February 2008, it failed to get three straight seats. The first people were on October 31. 10, 2017. After his injuries, Gordon led all of Orlando players within minutes.

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Wizards: Wade G Shassen Rand before the caddy. In the second quarter the Austin rivers went through a turnover of 10:41.


Wizard: Wednesday night to the hostel

Wisards: Jewelry hostel on Wednesday five games

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