Saturday , June 10 2023

The Philippines Heart Association provides CPR training in San Diego


The Philippine Heart Association has released a CPR called "Wheels and Wings Caravan" in Samboonga City. (Photographer: go to RG Antonnet A.PNA)

Sambankaga city Philip Heart Association (PLA) & # 39; CPR On Wheels & Wings

Police personnel, Barack officials, staff and the knowledge of the tourism workers are equipped with people like the resuscitation of the heart (CPR).

The CWW caravan trained at the Western Mendoza State University (WMSU) includes health workers, students and village observers.

"These people are always on the streets, first witnesses or respondents to health problems, sudden heart attack (SDA), or drowning cases," Dr CP Charm, chairman of the PLA Council in CPR. Francis Laavapi.

These activities are part of the National Mass Media CPR training. This was implemented by the PAHA. This was adopted by the Department of Health.

PHA 9 (Sambango Peninsula) chairman Dr Suren, who is a CPR-Ready Community member and CPR-Ready Philippine in 2021 to find a family member CPR-expert. Says Christine Hashim Bantatal Sapnat. Map of international CPR-rated countries.

On the other hand, DOH aims to create $ 20 million of the 106 million Philippine CPRs of 20 million population.

"We share the goal of achieving the Samboongan CPR in playing an important role in upholding the Sibero-Ready P-26 campaign," said Sopnet.

"We want to bring CPR to all Philanthropy Homes by making at least one family member of CPR-technical skills for all householders.

"Whoever trains and tapping people from different walks of life can inspire and motivate everyone on the streets, whether he is a parent or a publisher, not a spectator or a viewer," Lavaappi added.

To date, at least 110,000 people have been trained on PHA CWW 23 sites.

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