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The rare pink diamond is going to be a pink legacy of $ 50 Christie auction auction


Pink legacy diamonds are estimated between $ 30 million and $ 50 million.

Geneva, Switzerland:

Pink Legacy, the extraordinary big pink diamond, is held next week in Geneva under Christie's Gler, which is expected to hit 50 million dollars.

In 19 cars, an unusual color gem was said by Jean-Marc Lune, an international Jewelery expert in Christi.

"If you think too much pink diamonds are less than a slice, it's actually something" – he said.

On November 13th auction will be bid first. It will be between $ 30 million and $ 50 million. Lunal suggested that this could be achieved at a higher level.

This is the most beautiful image presented in auction. "Rock is expected to get an extraordinary price.

Diamond with square squares is divided into "Fancy Transparent" – the highest grade of color contrast.

In the sales room, the fancy Pink Diamonds sold almost 10 cards, and sold only four spectrum pink gems and 10 cars to the auction.

In November, a 15-year-old Pink Flak offered 32.5 million dollars in Christie's auction in Hong Kong. It's $ 2.176 million carrot. Record price at auction for a pink diamond auction

In 2013, a pink gem weighing 59.60 carat was saddled with sodos. 83 million or 1.39 million dollars.

On Tuesday, Pink Legacy is owned by the Oppenheim family, which is auctioned for Christmas anniversary jewelery. The Beers Diamond Mining Company lasted for decades. But he refused to say who the current owner was.

It was found in South Africa in the mines a century ago.

"In the 1920s it was cut," he added.

The classic square cut is commonly used for white stones, but pink diamonds are rare.

"Imagine a theoretical look that you've cut out cornerstones," Loln pointed out, cuts from multiple, more circular and multiple sides, pointing out that these wounds are "classical so-called wearable cut".

He said this at a press briefing held in September 2013 by Christy's international head, Rahul Kadakiyya. "Pink Legacy" creates a great excitement for the collection and expertise of gems all over the world.

"Its unusual source will be to spread the word as one of its biggest diamonds in the world."

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