Friday , September 17 2021

Welcome to the Life-A-Death Expo Room



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Interim election is complete. Democrats also recovered from the house. But the rest is American political reality. On the other hand, the most important issues of our era are: war, climate change, and lies of international society.

So, let's consider these big problems from another angle.

Voting booths can go from one place to the other: an escape room. It's not a common spare room like those of people all around the globe. Here, the wastes do not rise: life or death. You may want to give it a pass, but you do not have a choice. There is only one door, go in …

You just made enough escape rooms to train now. Following you look like a normal room. It has a table and a chair. A book in the list. Whenever you are on the threshold, the door is behind you. You just click on the locale.

You are now trapped in a room with four strangers. All three of you are like yours. No fourth successive.

A little different suggestions at this time. Like other escape rooms, there is a definite time for you to get out. And, you know, hints of the idea that you understand the hiding somewhere in the room. Eject them and you can open the door.

But here's the difference: room temperature in this room increases by one degree every minute. If you and four of those strangers do not want to lift it up, you will bring a short stroke. In other words, if you do not break the allotted time limit, you will die.

You have decided to do the job immediately looking for hints. Perhaps one or two table books or perhaps a code will be stitched at the bottom of the list. Maybe you should use the chairs to crawl enough to scrut the crown molding near the ceiling. All three strangers are doing what you do: trying to find tips.

The fourth wall jumps and rests. "It's a joke," he says, nobody especially says.

"I think it's already hot here," you react.

"It's your imagination," he replied. "Force of suggestion. Fake news."

That element is already in trouble. That's not your imagination. It was much warmer than you first entered. You sweat. Everyone cries out, even the old man. "The heat is naturally deviant," he says. "Let it go now, but it will go down again, not counting it."

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