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A powerful storm at Inowrocław poviat. Break the wind trees, it was breaking the ceiling [zdjęcia, wideo – 30.06.2019]


A powerful storm at Inowrocław poviat. Break the wind trees, it was breaking the ceiling [zdjęcia, wideo]

A powerful storm last night passed by Invercrow. Wind broke trees and picked up the roof. The playgrounds of the church were found 200 meters away – on the playground.

Let us know from the InocroP Fire Brigade, Jorosław Scottish, so far the compulsory officer has accepted about 100 applications. In Pawkkov, many residential buildings in the church and damage to the wind were damaged. We helped cover the destroyed rugs. We removed the trees from the roads, which cut terrifying threats on branches and roads. Activities last all night, and really are still being done – says Sipt. Jerseys Scottish

Zlotniki Kujawski, Rojev, Geneucoo and partly in the areas of the Cruzevila community suffered the most. Fortunately, nobody has ever happened to anyone.

Relations of the residents:


Against Mr Tama's house in Plönka, the work is going on. The colleagues of the municipal water company help him remove the fossils of his home. When the black clouds gathered on Plano, it was inside.

– I saw the window. It was dark, nothing could be seen. Just a few seconds and I heard a loud noise. The Sanatan belt started flying away. After a moment the entire ceiling fell. Fortunately, the roof was strong and durable, because otherwise everything would fall on our heads – says Tomasz. During the storm, he remained on the ground floor with his wife. For one time he could not leave the house because the door coming from the brick floor closed the door.

Church in Płonków

The Parish Cemetery and the Church were seriously in Parishak. The wind completely broke the roof of the temple. Tin plates live in the surrounding areas, passages, energy poles wrap up, hang on trees. At the playground – we found them 200 meters from the church.

– What to do … is not it on us … high power … but to get the roof of the church? – The old cyclist who passes through Polokovo does not believe.

– God, what happened here! Mother of God! I thought it was the end of the world. Break like trees to break. Everything was flying here. It was terrible and it was terrible. The other side of the road did not even look. The roof of the church also breaks – resident Palankova.

– I am 62 years old, but I have never seen anything like this before. If someone takes this sheet in the head, then … – her husband will not stop him.

On the other side of the street, a neighbor commented that "we have never seen it before." She wonders how to get rid of willow in her garden.


The half-roof ceiling was also leaking in the nearby Płankovko from Mr. Riszard's house. – Just a few seconds. It must be a whirlwind. There was a dense voice, so we did not hear that the ceiling is picking us up. Fortunately, it did not flood us – she says. By 3 o'clock in the morning, firefighters helped to protect the roof from possible rain. Eternit roof, so it was soon chopped. – mountain acceleration. I'll change the roof before the plan – she admits.

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