Friday , February 26 2021

Anna Lanadowska opened a café! "Delicious Smooth, Super Food Bowls and ReRes"

Her café was Anna Lavandowska

Lavandowski was appreciative of her next achievement. At this time, Robert Lavandowsky's wife decided to open a cafe! This place is located in Warsaw and you can certainly see "Certainly" by Anne. Preparing personally?

Anna Lavandowska It shows that there is nothing unusual. Wife Robert Lavandowski He changes all ideas. In recent years, a blog for pregnant women or an interview with Marshall Arts. Anna Hazare has announced a program related to the fight against online animosity. In the meantime, she opened a cafe.

Cafe Anna Lavandowska Opened in Business Center. Climax in Warsaw, known as the Rosal Villeneau. Now there was a photo of Cafe on her Instagram. What will she do there?

Anna Lovondowskus Cafe – Ann's healthy story

of course Anna Lavandowska Her cafe could not bear a common name like "Cafe". Anna invites everyone Anall's healthy store. Not only are healthy nutrients available.

In a healthy store, you will find delicious smoothies, superfood balls, cold fried fruits, snacks, kos my fans @ fuds_buy. Here you can drink my favorite bullet-proof coffee with tasty and fresh sweets.

– he writes Anna Lavandowska Instagram.

Congratulations on the comments! Anna Lavandowska However, she did not reveal the prices of the food from her café.

Will you be tempted?

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