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Another drama in the US Express: "I can be convinced, every girl understands this meaning"

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Till the end of the third season of the travel-alert program Asian Express, Has been renamed at this time America Express. Three episodes exist. Only eight candidates are contesting for victory. Masjig Mozyovsky From Anna Malza. Alexander And David Dawsoncy. Tomas Karolak From Jakob Urski And Pamela Stephenows From Mattes Janus. One of the couples on Wednesday's episode She had immunity and automatic promotion.

There were those who were initially present Give some winners, And then sprinkled it on the seashore and hit the shore. Each couple decided to choose a chest that he was carrying. Maximum winning domain So they do not understandBut they had a chance to stop others.

Cuba and Doom's chest are the most valuable – David quickly realized Metaszos overtook him.

I do not want to worry again – Comes complained. I wear new clothes, I do not want to fall into this sand.

That's it I vomit quickly – Masjid complained.

It's a peek, take it away – Then he said. What will I give you, what will you do?

Have they already digged? – Because karolakas was not interested, they could not fully understand the desire to be on the tree, and they came to Damascus's chest with Jacuu, which may be empty.

Yes, everyone is gone – Of the weary Urbanism.

It's a very difficult situation, I should smoke – said Karolak in the previous episode He complained that he was mocking the addiction.

Fit Lovers, as he tried to hunt the ambulance, and Cuba, was fortunate to have a good fortune. And she pursued them and went out of the city. Thanks, they first came into the control category. Damnyski Road is very effective Producers have to send a transport after them, so that the delay in the episode should not be avoided.

On the other hand, the other three couples played codes, reading codes, and codes and breaking codes in the fight of the precious vessels of boating.

I can not leave my glass without my glass – Urban Persi declared. I can not see where our ship is not.

Sorry, can you organize any glasses? – She cried out Agnieska Wsoźniak-Starak To the technology team. For our younger age partners, Like jerseys of the best jersey …

Małysa has traditionally decided to bend the rules, Fraud by rowing Mk is crying with us.

I'll take you back! – Agnieszka finally threatened.

Let's win! – Aniya called Corollac, I think He doubts that he has a weakness with her.

Look at her, Normally she got a scratch on her face Tomasz advocated. They succeeded at our expenseBut most of all, we wanted to get our boys back, and we did.

Participants And they came unto the wilderness, to the desert.

Have I taken a tent in the wilderness? – Pamela confessed. Okay, perhaps in the balcony … And set up a tent in the balcony.

Thomas, do you know the stars? – Malis asked. I dream of a boy pick me up on a date and talk about the stars …

I know everything about the Polish players … If they withdraw the cameras, I'll show you the southern cross Offered karolak.

But I had a dream – The next morning Domanska said I watched the dream They were "dancing with the stars". But that's right, you know, They threatened me with death …

You did not show me that the end was on the north bank … – Tomas Ania complained.

The next goal was to defeat the desert. The course of the Oberpenskie was determined.

The most important thing is that we are not too far away – He ordered. Even though we have water supply, some of them are running away …

Is there a string? Alexander was helpless. Someone just throw me a string. Please give me the string right away, wait for people, how fast!

Ola He must work for himself – Commented on Urbanski. She once said she ran away from trouble, maybe she should see them … anyway: no, because!

I'm sorry for a while, Everyone hates herThis is because of the burial of David – said Karolak, who decided to take care of the skin. I stayed with her for finding her own rhythm, this is a very personal thing.

Tomas looks like a bear – revealed Pamela. There is a small mouse inside …

After crossing the highway, Pamela and Mattesse were the first to get Nazr's transport for local police.

Today I have made hateful acts – Pamela confessed. Every girl understands what that means

On the other hand, Domenzi again broke the flax and steel Traditionally, they started to show gossip.

You have kept me far from me Finally dramatically.

In the nursing airport, all the pairs arrived in the airplanes, flew to see the likes, arranged themselves in the shape of animals, in the form of geometric shapes, but only in view of the bird's perspective. After their return, they had to mark the location of individual drawings on maps. Karolag definitely did not grow up.

I kissed all my hands – He agreed in the car. We're about 27 kilometers away. We are coming, they may have been there …
And fit livery – Urbanzki added terrible.

They were out there. Immunization, Travel to Machu Picchu, and Promotion in the Last Episode They gained Pamela and Mattes.

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