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Beautiful and young divorced. Magda and David Naroni already have new partners (August 17, 2019)


Magda and David Naro of the Muddich I Mdodich band are no longer married. The most popular disco polo couple divorced. However, they did not wait much for the second half to appear on the horizon. Who's David's New Girlfriend and Mag's New Boyfriend?

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– Our paths in personal life are different – they provide information on the official Facebook profile. Fans were shocked by this news. The singer and singer of the Maudich i Am Dutch band assured that, despite their decision to break, they would continue to play and the development would not negatively impact their joint music career. And they kept their word.

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Beautiful and young divorced. What their new partners look like

Could Magda and David survive the breakup for so long? Not required. A month after the divorce, they had already discovered other parts. And they do not hide it from the world. The photo of David selected has surfaced on social media. Magda doesn't even deny that Naro has any.

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David Corner from Beautiful and Young. Who is his new girlfriend?

One of David Naroni's favorite is the blonde named Joanna. The singer recently captivated her with flowers, which David's new young girl boasted on her Instagram profile:

Beautiful and young. Who is Magda Narona's new boyfriend?

Who is Magda Corner's new partner? The issue here is not so clear. The singer declared that no one was present in his life, but he said nothing more. The secret is revealed on a photo, where he happily grabs a man's tattooed hand and poses in a bikini:

The couple's personal problems were discussed a while ago. The decision to inform the fans was due to the fact that both Magda and David were getting fed up with the rumors. They want to clarify doubts and reassure their fans that their private affairs will not negatively affect the Młodych i Młodych band.

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