Saturday , February 27 2021

Black Friday 2018 lid, bidronica and media market. What products will be in promotion?

Black Friday is being sold and selling more popular. This secular tradition comes from the United States and is open to vitamin shopping annually. What does Lidla, Bidrona, and Media Market Stores offer in this year's promises?

Black Friday in Lidd – Domestic appliances, electronics and tools promotions

Lidl is the lid of popular stores participating in this year's edition of Black Friday. From the lid newsletter we learned that some of the products from November 23rd will be reduced to 80%. This type of promotions will be in the lid until November 23 through Sunday, 25th November or until the stocks end.

From Friday on November 23rd, the lid will be able to buy clothes, rack, washer or dryer. Clothing, Appliances, Appliances, Fabrics, Microwave Oven, Steamer are all cheaper. Powerbank is probably a great interest – we only close 4 zlotys for a device with a 3000mAh capacity

BLACK FRIDAY BY DYNAMENTA – Promotion in telephones and laptops

Bidragon Chain stores have announced 23 per cent of the art supplies, utensils and electronic equipment. Promotion of Black Friday in Baidronka will continue from November 24 to November 26. What can we do at Biedronka at a very low cost? Among the others are the Kion Slimnot 14.1 Plus Laptop, Optical Wireless Mouse, Shevis Razor, mobile phones of various brands.

Which products are discounts offered on Black Friday in the media market?

Media Market Stores will celebrate Black Fried throughout the weekend. We do not know how cheap the products are. But like last year, we know that the media market stores are promoted. Black Friday can be purchased for homepages and home appliances, including laptops, computers, tablets, consoles, washing machines, dish washers, induction cookers, refrigerator etc. "The store website says, the important thing is to accept the discount on the store stores and online stores in the media market.

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