Tuesday , February 7 2023

Borots still relax on the Maconos. They appreciate many images, but they often scream at people with Noah. "Sweetie"


Sara and Araru Borak rest on the island of Mikonos. Five years ago they called each other reminiscent, and after that they returned every year to celebrate this special, memorable day. Together with his daughters and his newborn son, Noah, they enjoy the time spent together, which is not more on a daily basis. So, during the holidays, celebrate every moment and hold them on photos and videos.

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Sara Borok showed a glamorous picture of Arthur and Noah

The solemn mother always publishes her son's adorable photos on her Instagram. You can see that the boy who is a toddler in his head is his eye. At this time, you are proud of the pictures, on which Arthur keeps a child on his hands. I accept that Noah is a beautiful child.

There is no shortage of praise in the comments. Especially from known well-known girlfriends:

Oh mother! What dessert – Eva Chodakovsky writes.

| Liczny! And it is great that forward – says Agnieszka W ¼niak-Starak.

Jejciu, how much faster she smiles – Anna Skura appreciates.

SÅ, odziak – added uczenko-Szczesna to Marina.

We agree. Noah is a mega snowman!


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