Monday , August 15 2022

Can be calm – The slider in Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is really transparent


We've been connected with long hours apart. There are tools designed in this way after the emergence of smartphones. The producers are trying to rediscover them from time to time, this is the latest example Xiaomi Mi Mix. But are you having problems with these phones or is not a very powerful system? In this case, yes.

The Chinese announced that the sliding system used in the latest frameless case could face 300,000 chakras (opening and closing). If a customer thinks a smartphone's life cycle is two years old, this means that we can move forward It takes a self camera a day 400 times a day. I think this is enough.

As you might have expected, Xiaomi's official figure is a bit smaller. It is not uncommon, and the brand margin of each brand amounts to safety when exactly the type of brand is followed. However, they were willing to check what really would be the newest mixture.

It changes a lot. Specially constructed machine mile mix 3 housing was opened and closed. Checked when checking device. If you believe in what we see in the movie below 600,000 bicyclesLike the builder's announcement, it did not attract much attention.

What's more, after the checks are done, the slider continues to work. Of course, we should remember this lab, so it will be a little different when using everyday device. However, we try to break the screen faster, destroy the phone or dilute it instead of complying with the system responsible for opening the case.

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