Company "Qaroyi Registrar Saddoi OpenO'O" (Original Spelling) sends a notification letter about the fee for registering the National Court. This is another case where betrayers betray the state authorities "to earn".

The company "sends a letter to U. Entrepreneurs from Qiroi Registrar Saddoni SPA – Leage Artis has been told, as he points out, it's easy to cheat because the company is registered with the National Court of Registry (" ą ").

The letter suggests that company must pay entity data to and "Fees related to the first entry in the court and Economic Monitors" fees.

This is just an attempt at screaming, and the text is adjusted so that it can be misunderstood.

In PLN 474 (…) you are bound to make a start fee, subject to Section 4 of the National Court Registry Regulations (available at

If you get such a letter, throw that letter into a basket with a good conscience.