Tuesday , August 16 2022

Champions League: PhET Vivi Keelse – Mysoko Breast, Match Match


Wells had won a simple victory in the EFFI Champions League League FAE Viviv Breast. The fans of Chris hoped that the Polish champions would return to a set point in their dance water. Especially Mysiko had five successive defeats.

In the first half, however, guests do not come to the clinics for the lowest punishment, but they want to destroy those dangerous attacks. That was the beginning. But the middle part of the games started to set the tone for the match. While Serge Shlovich performed well, he beat XV defensive and defeated goalkeepers. Hosts were unable to facilitate good opponents at 11: 9.

Later, Talenthan Gjeseb's allegations began to be played by their fans. Alex Hughesbeau and Mattes Jachelvsky did well. Archie Rodriguez ran faster, and headed the drawing at 11: 11.

After winning the host in the second half, Bezas Jayaka succeeded. However, Mieszko never plans to lose, gradually reducing losses. The score was 27:26 for Artiko Selvasik.

Simi Eyvik's decent defense game, good physical strength, resumed at Kylis and resumed quality. When Alex Dujezbe was on the net, 31:27 jumped past the previous time. Then, the players of Mizkoskom fought in this fight and scored a goal for a goal. But that was just a moment. This is the sixth victory in Poland's champions. For the Tournament, Barcelona will play for a group of A teams.

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