Thursday , September 16 2021

Cocaine in the cartoon with Banana in stores in three provinces. Police is launching the investigation

First of all, cocaine was discovered in a grocery store in Sokov Podlaski (Mazauki Province). Hide white powder in packs in cardboard boxes with bananas. Fruit – As RMF suggests FM – came from Ecuador to Poland. In this case, the police are already investigating.

On the other hand, only 24 discoveries that the same "discovery" was found in Wyszków. There, according to unofficial information, up to 30 kilograms of cocaine. In both cases, there were shops for a network, in Soków and Vizcokouc.

However, this is not the end, because similar packages of cocaine were found among other people in the province of Dixie and Dolinski.

– We can assure that in the famous chain stores in three provinces: Mizovia, Dziaciki and Dolnolsky, employees of these stores may have resulted in drugs from drugs, drugs, drugs – the more ambassador of the police headquarters, Antony Razazovsky, "Fakovi".

For the fault of the investigation, the police do not give any further details about this matter.

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