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Cyber ​​Monday 2018 [lista sklepów, wyprzedaże, Media Markt, Media Expert, 26.11.2018]

Cyber ​​Monday – What Is It?

Cyber ​​Monday is also known as Cyber ​​Monday, which is the Black Friday online version. During sales, stores extend compensation campaigns, which are often transferred to the Internet. On Monday, after Black Friday, the online store offers many discounts and free deliveries. Cyber ​​Monday is an opportunity for small stores that work only through the internet and do not have stationery stores.

Cyber ​​Monday 2018 – When Is It?

After American Thinking, Cyber ​​comes Monday Monday on Monday. We know when the sale will start. On November 23, Black Friday is a day, then will start in sales stores and promotions will go on cyber Monday, which will be held on November 26. On this day, there will be attractive discounts and free delivery in many online stores.

Cyber ​​Monday 2018 – Online sales

Unfortunately, the complete list of stores that will participate in the campaign is not yet known. You have to be patient. For now, it is known that many online stores have discounted their customers and free delivery on this day. This article will be updated on a regular basis.

Completed List of stores And occasionally offers Black Friday Known near the November 23. We will complete it on a regular basis. Occasionally selling Black Friday 2018 The following brands and stores:

  • Adidas (see below for full Black Friday discount offer here)
  • Bidronka (We are waiting for the brand's offer of compensation)
  • Decathlon (Offer Shop Will Introduce Soon)
  • Ditchman (currently offering a discount of -20% in the shop.) See more
  • Echo (offer soon, offering Brand 30% discount last year, 31.10 offers discount for Halloween)
  • Gutta (30% for the full range, more below)
  • Guino Rossi (at -50% on taxonomy. In online store, password can be found below discount)
  • Hebe (soon offered on Black Friday, current promotion here)
  • Home and you (offer on Black Friday soon, offer current sale here)
  • Komputronik (some hundred products were discounted over last year, and discounts reached -80%)
  • LIDL (We are waiting for the brand's offer)
  • An ango outlet (Black Friday offers! Page with brand promotion)
  • Media Expert (We are waiting for the brand's return offer. Details below!)
  • Media Markets (see offer below)
  • New Balance (We are waiting for the brand's offer)
  • Okanic (current promotion here)
  • Pramod (current promotion here)
  • Reserved (we are waiting for the brand offer)
  • Rosman (current promotion here)
  • Saturn (Current Promotion on Media Markets Website – 1/10/2018 All Saturn Stationery stores have changed in the Media mark)
  • Saphora (currently selling Halloween in the shop. Offer here)
  • Uterac (currently no promotions in the store)
  • Zaldondo (Existing promotion here)

Black Friday 2018. What brands and stores did?

  • Adidas: The brand sells 112 of its products: clothing, footwear and accessories.
  • Gatta: From 19.11 Discounts on full range of 30% by 26 November 2018, free delivery and gifts to customers in many stores.
  • Jean Rossi: Half-precious products on men's, women's footwear, leather accessories and accessories. Online BlackBep Password Rebate In Online Store The store is offered here
  • Media Expert: Brand prepares promotional offers. Recall that in the past year, media exposures on repetitive pricing were selling RTV products, cameras, cameras, consoles, games, laptops, tablets, smartphones and GPS accessories, home appliances, free-standing and small appliances, television, sanitation and beauty products, accessories. Were there. For home and garden and for sports and entertainment. You can find the Media Expert brand offer here
  • Media Markt: During Black Friday you will be able to buy thousands of electronics and household appliances cheaper among other people in the media. Prices will be reduced in laptops, computers, tablets, consoles, washing machines, dishwashers, induction cookers, refrigerators … in stable stores and online stores. E-Store offers can be found here

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