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Ekstraklasa. Legia Warsaw – Grnik Zabrze 4: 0. A no-win match, Majecki Pik's unsuccessful debut


Majecki's successful debut

On Tuesday he debuted at the first stage of Legia in Warsaw and played his first match on Saturday in the premier league. Radosaw Majecki is a crazy, but especially successful, week. The 19-year-old will be the heroine of the fight against the Piast Gliwice championship and will keep a clean bill at Grikk Zabrze. He did not have much work, but he could be very confident in his game. It sets the protection, quietly drives the peak, and occasionally shouts older people. Here's another chance for Majecki.

Doping without attacking rivals

During the match between Legia Warszawa and Grnik Zabrze there was no creep but opponents of teams and fans. The Warsaw and Zabrze fans are honored to celebrate Poland's 100th anniversary. There were no insults and capricious coils. Pena culture and team support. Mona? Mona. All you need is what you need.

Ekstraklasa. Legia Warsaw – Grnic Zabrze. Legia Warszawa fans appeal to the national anthem, the game stopped

The Polish national coach watched Legia Warszawa and Grnik Zabrze on the stand. Personnel staff make a final letter about the friendly match with the Czech national team and the association of Portuguese nations. Meetings started on Monday. Among the piarists of Legia and Grnik Artur Jdrzejczyk is the best chance of establishing himself, but Jerzy Brzczek also sees players who can help Poland in the near future. Wrd are: Szymon urkowski and Pawe Bochniewicz, Grnik Zabrze and Sebastian Szymaski, and Mateusz Wieteska from Legia Warsaw.

Bdy cost

Marcin Bros keeps on receiving fashionable beekeepers. In defending Grnik, 18-year-old Daniel Liszka, 22-year-old Pawe Bochniewicz, 18-year-old Kacper Michalski and 28-year-old Dani Suarez, who support a group of fashionable colleagues, are intertwined with Grozd's sword. Broja's pickets were fake, and Legia used them harshly. Like the 37th minute when Kacper Michalski came to the forefront of his own penalty area and Adam Hlousek with the goal of Dominik Nagy. Bdy spends money, is painful, but the club has a few percent of the route chosen by the club's zaprzyentowa. – Rafa Kurzawa and Damian Kdzior are waiting for trendy players, but this is not possible. It takes time. There is no way to skrty. You have to play, educate, and meet your expectations. First, the fans, later – Marcin Brosz marks overtime in the program.

Ekstraklasa. Legia separates Grnik and came to the front of the table

Appeal by Legia Warszawa football fans

– Many Poles sing the national anthem with "pki" instead of "when". We decided to change – Legija Warszawa fans during the Grnik Zabrze match.

Legia Warszawa fans made a move #WhenMyyymy. On a "man", a nawoujca frame appears as "when we live" and not "we live".

Later Legia fans used pyrotechnics. The ul. Over the Azienkowska stadium, white and red smoke appear. The match was interrupted and the spear fell from the lawn. During the break they got warm on the pitch. The game was continued after more than ten minutes.

During the 14th round of Lotto Ekstraklasa, the Polish national anthem is played before the match, and the pikarze and the judges go to the grass on white and red scarves. This is the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence.

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