Wednesday , July 28 2021

Ekstraklasa What type of leech pose is found by Adam Nawawah? Beautiful

Adam Nawawa will not yet appear in the poses, but his desire will already throw him in the game of match against Vis Poc. At the tram, taking admirers in the stadium, who talks about any upcoming meeting. Coach's nickname was often from Owl Visa. On Monday, the newcomer will be presented as a coach of the lecture. Supporters in the POSON believe that they will be able to present collegejourge from the siding to the main tracks. On Saturday, the village which has been found in the village will not get any extra fee. Will beat vs 2: 1.

Lech's defensive game is still devastating

It is impossible to evaluate other circulation, which will be done after dropping spads from the car. There was no turn, no illusion, no picarjee of Vashnia against cast was thrown. Simply throw – for a dozen or so meters, feet and goal. They have failed land, but Pedro Tiba is the highest on its conscience. He does not know whether the Portuguese Damien Sijamaski would enter the box or not, or whether he was thinking about yesterday's supper. Their behavior is inappropriate, and the match against Vis Pok is another match in which the Portuguese will be on the lost goal.

The last league match, in which the Collegiars will not lose the goal, took place in the fourth round in mid-August. And that was not the ineffectiveness of reliable defense and sunglasses. The meeting with Wiss was 12 in a row in which the lect would lose at least one goal.

Adam Nawawah must help in selecting the captain

In addition, Tiba will once again become the captain of the Collegus. The problem of finding the right person to wear a wristband is still not finished. At the beginning of the season, Ivan Dijredevi played the role of deciding about the election of four leaders at the end of almost all the players brewing. It points to Traque, Jasmine Burke, Pedro Tib and Thomas Rogen. After leaving Disneyland, the hierarchy will stop working because the last two games will be Captain Tiba. Dariusz Ura suggested that the band should be under the shelter of Taqwa, but they will not accept this proposal.

– He has a character, he has great faith and trusts what he does. I want to raise these specialties in other therapies – so I choose Tibia to be a translator of translators, Ivan Dijdevi. The problem is that when the Portuguese man is self-reliant, he loses confidence and self-confidence on what he does. It produces the impression that if a piece of this item is catching it, it forces additional pressure, moves to the cronch, and slows down the confusion. Due to Captain Tibia or Latch is not enjoying, which in this case suddenly uses the ability of a best picture. But this Adam is worried about Nawazuddin.

No head can hang

Adam Navka sees Lech's problems with mental problems. They will be present in Poznań together with psychic trainer Pandavalil, who works with the team. This solution was appealed to fans, as Lechte footballers failed in important moments and failed to face repeated pressure.

Meetings with Vis Pock bring some improvements in these aspects. The goal, lost in the 29th minute, will not be able to shoot at the Pinkarsi College, but will only share it to Mobilizujko. Likewise, he was in a meeting with Jagliolia, while he was able to quickly get hurt and go to the lead. The first half minutes were added against the key. Then Thomas Martha defeated Darquo Joavty and Christian Gittercazar.

Lech's Piccas finally showed that fans often ask him – fights with his character and blanket. No one will hang over the head and the loss will be improved after one quarter of one hour. In the second round, what's important, check the course of the game and do not give a chance to win the victory. Bialostok's applications were extracted.

End of Jupetia Crisis?

The new coach will also enjoy the good nature of Darko Javitsia. Swiss against Jahgillonia was helpful in both goals, but it was not a wonderful application and there were a lot of it. The goal of Wis Pock was to complete it with many good games and before. In the first half, Javich will be one of the most active players on the pitch. Often he has a peak on his feet, plays in the penalty area and performs wells.

For a few months, Swiss has played far less than their possibilities, and the last goal against Cracowia in the last four months, from which it will take place in the second week. It seems that at the end of last season, in a good match against Corolla Keals, it would be Lech's worst picnicist, and besides, there was also a wasted penalty. This is the moment when non-players will win the Polish championship despite having a privileged position after the main round to sprinkle.

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