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EnergaCAMERIMAGE: Farewell to Bedagos? – camera


That was the whole of the festival. In the corridor of Opera, the question constantly asked: "Is this the last festival in Budgasse?"

Marshal in the Kujavian-Pomeranian Province, Pierre Clebecki said: "I thank everyone for the big festival, representing 2 million representatives of Kujaw and Pomerania." I wish to meet everyone next year.

Merk Sideways was not the creator and director of the festival, thanking all the colleagues and volunteers. The commencement of the festival was commemorated at the Tharon University University's backroom room 26 years ago. "I will never forget," he said, believing his young girl was included in the future.

But he ended with great grief:

– I see the store or store in the room. In 1993, when I opened my eyes to an artist, it was a big secret for me. There is no camera without his opinion. I will remember conversations with Krzyszaf Kielowski. After 26 years, I thought it would be very predictive and important for me. I mentioned in the inauguration of the festival a year ago. This year I was following when I thought about the future of Cameron. Kursksky said that he should consider organizing the festival on the Olympic system. Every year in the Olympics was organized in the world, I was always surprised at another location. Cities strive to host them. And for victory, they will not forgive me for everything, "said Kislevowski. It's no secret that this year our city of bidgosius was limited to 1/4 of our finances. You can not drive a Mercedes 5%. Its values ​​- said Maik RzSovius.

He then offered an appeal to the congregation:

– That's where you go, look back at your towns. If you find a place where you want to make your art and culture better on your little luck, let us know – we'll be there with our festivals. When we leave Toruń and Lodz, you will follow us now, not the places, but the weather is very important. Some people learn from the cameraman. Knowledge of technicians, young ones with younger ones knowledge. After organizing the 25 years festivals I can tell you that I do not see visions in Poland. It is an injustice to carry on this event and maintain freedom. But I believe that you will protect this idea and find a place for the camerama. (…) I have learned a lot of things during this time, and I believe that I can organize a festival in different towns. I am inviting you where the Olympic system is next year.

He also visited the cinematographer in Torren, later in Lodz and later to Badgos. Where will next year come? One thing is certain: Do not miss the poll of Poland, whose show is in the world.

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