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Fire on Jetis, two people were detained

Pierce on Szczecin Lagoon burnt on the length of about 700 meters. People say that the video has been watched by the observation that it is an arrival. – As recording shows, two men are seen and after 15 minutes you can see the first attempt of arrival. Later, a fire broke out that leads to the destruction of hurricanes – director of the Police Sports and Recreation Center, Valdemar Echrest says.

The police has secured this film, but now it does not officially confirm what it looks like. Two men were arrested, which may be related to the incident.

A huge fire

Fire was reported by guards on Saturday from Saturday to Saturday at 2 pm. In the Trasbagi (Zakodnomomorskie voivodeship), about 700 meters of pear was burning.

– When we arrived, everything was captured by fire, which reached about 4-5 meters – says Tzio Trasbiz's chairman Zdizislav Seussielsky.

Jaitis was made of plastic, which made firefighters very difficult. The fire was not mastered until about 5 o'clock in the fire. So far, it's going to drown down the site.

Two detained

Police detained two men who could be involved in the fire. The initial information of Fire Fire Brigade, which was involved in burning the fire, has been included in the fact that we insist that there are people behind this fire who have set a special fire on the bridge – it tells Nadcom. Provincial Police Headquarters spokesman in Alexa Ś in Lezio, Skazysin.

– After a few hours of our activities, we have selected two people who can be involved in this fire. They were closed around the police by the police today – it adds.

The spokesman says these are men 22 and 19 years old. – Currently, activities are done with them – they say. However, they say that it is too early to talk about official accusations. Investigators must collect evidence. They are also waiting for expert opinion in the field of firefighting, which will determine the cause of the fire.

Police officers investigate the case under the supervision of the Scazansin-West District Procurator Office.

"Burning Show Rebellion"

The fireplace is supervised. Molagozeta Alexandra-Ciemannosca, Records Trazby's and RailW and Waldemar account, was seen by the Director of Sports and Recreation Center in Police. According to him, it can be arriving.

– We know that two people were selected from the monitoring camera, who went here tonight. He probably had some liquid flammable agent. There were three campfire on the planet. There is a doubt that it was in three places that something was poured and set on fire – reports to the Mayor of Trombies.

You can see that three places are equipped with fire and spread it on the sides and that is why it is the nature of the destruction – adds ext.

The police have secured the recordings, but at the time it does not officially announce what it looks like.

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Source: tvn24

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