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Gala The Game Awards 2018, with more than a dozen announcements of new games


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Game Awards, 2018 Awards, which will be held next week, have many attractions. One of them will announce a new product. According to the organizers, during the event, we will know more than ten sports titles, for which the product is related to both studies and independent developers.

The game award of the game is traditionally the last big game event this year. The pita version of this event, according to the announcement, is bigger and better than the previous year. According to its organizer and producerCanadian journalist Geoff Kieley, players are seen for the first ten complete new titles that come from most of the largest studios and small independent development teams. In addition, we should anticipate previous invisible trailers and content related to previous advertised productions. Among the most important games released during Gala may be Alien: Blackout, which we wrote a few days ago.

For matters

Due to the number of announcements of new games, some game events are referred to as smaller E3.

Let us remind you that the nominations for awards have been selected by representatives of dozens of services and industry magazines, as well as by people involved in the world of e-game sports. For the first time the website's first time raid specialists appeared for the representatives. It is noteworthy that the carefully selected jury is not a decision on the winner of the Game Awards 2018. Public opinion is also taken into consideration. Everyone can vote for their favorite in the selected category The event's official website Or through selected social services

Awards will be distributed in Los Angeles on December 6. You can watch live events on the web, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Mixer events. In Poland, the flows will start on Friday, December 2.3 at 2.30. This relationship can be viewed with other readers on our website. In addition to statuettes, players will be able to see music performances, like previous years.

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