Thursday , May 6 2021

If I was on the other side of the Polish controversy, how could I lead it? OK yes, almost letter

TVP Suspended Cooperation with Famous Traveler Wojciech Czezowski. For now, he will not be seen on TVP Info, where he commented on current political events every week.

Cesarovski himself claims that a decision was made after he attacked the Jorsosl Kakyzynsky for the PIS's attitude towards the ergonomic abortion. However, according to my information, a decision was made to burn the EU flag a week ago (TVP did not broadcast this piece, however, Sezrovski received full recording). This kind of behavior goes to the ruling party's account, and fuel for fuel conspiracy of Polysex Government's follow-up theory, which we know is a common lie.

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The problem is not new: In many areas, with broad authority and in many circles, the message comes with reckless and poor limits, with many good people, and then all of them go to PIS account.. On the one hand, these people are adding mobilization rights, they are usually very critical towards the opposition, but on the other hand, the process of taking out camps makes it difficult to create a consistent, balanced message. This is a dilemma that does not appear on yesterday, and will not disappear tomorrow, because Polish rights are just: very varied, often emotionally, very personal.

But still, it is worth remembering such events: The chairman of the PIS says that for many people there is power, PIS chairman says "President Kakinsky is covered with innocent blood", and it should get "face" (face) for Finger-Praying Sekhovskaya, who criticized the withdrawal in the Supreme Court Some changes include PIS.

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Of course, President Kakinsky is not the only solution to these types of threats or really insulting efforts.; A widely understood protest also takes a similar style. So you can say: symmetry. But Maybe that's all about this? Because every person is himself, because he is not really different, because everyone has "blood for blood", then – because of being a right wing – despite emotional, is not voting? Waiting is the only thing that awaiting a true stable party in every area, never decreasing. But then there is no reason to support, because no one follows politics, which sometimes does not make difficult choices, will not rule over them, definitely not on their own terms, and most often will become the right-wing freezer.

If I was, guess, some important director on the other side of Polish controversy, how I can lead it. Exactly as iota and comma.

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