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It is narrow through the Polish to Tokyo. Jazek Navarro: We will only discuss, fight alone


The Polio Volleyball Team, which is fighting for the Tokyo Games at the International Tennis Championship, has lost one point in the FIFA rankings. Jaski Nouariki and the team are trying to play in 2019.

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Poland's women's team have reached the last year's World Championship or CES. If you have more points in the final round of the Elimination, you will have a high ranking in the last FIFB ranking and will compete in Intercontinental Tournament for Tokyo Games. But that did not happen. White-red was at 26th position. Cuba is the last team to qualify for the Olympic brilliance next year. Jacques Nouroki was not the happiest person in the world, we asked about the latest FIVB ranking.

– FDB guidelines on the selection of the tournaments that are counted in the latest ranking, the benchmarking benchmarks for the teams in the last World Cup. Excluding Belgium, who have not participated in the tournament, points have reached points in the final edition of World World Grants. We have won quite clearly with multiple representations in the highest ranks in our rankings, but unfortunately, we do not permit the federation approved by our credentials – the manager of our volleyball team.

Our representation was reflected in the absence of the promotion of the last Japanese world championship. Involving in the World Cup, Cameron, Canada, Kenya and Mexico will also participate in foreign sporting events. – I've told you that when the war broke out, I was quite different from the end of this season. And, after the league, our team was unable to play well for the promotion of Nolarcci.

The European Volleyball Confederation (CVV) will be able to attend the Continental Eligibility Test which is scheduled for women in January 2020 for women. Many fans believed that teams from Europe would be promoted in the first round of Olympic qualifying rounds, and that our volleyball players would be lightening. But we can already say that this is not going to happen. Group B (China, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic) will promote world runner up. Two strong teams from the Old Group of the F (Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Kenya) will certainly not be encouraged. In other words, European qualifications will be very important, and the winner will only be recommended to Tokyo.

We can not discuss these qualifications, only you can fight. We will definitely play with the teams that are listed above in the European tournament. There are five strong representations in Europe, now Serbia, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands and Russia – so these teams will become a favorite of the Constant Tournament if the first qualifier does not qualify for the first tournament. Bełchat's coach Skry.

Jake Naurukki is still a silent optimist? We do not know, and we do not think that coach of women's staff depend on him. – At the moment I'm thinking more about the next season. Our goals are clear: the best selection and the best games. We're going to be good and effective. If we join the European and world leaders in this national team, all we do is not a match or season, but the whole process. Next year, we have the League of Nations and the European Championship, which is our ultimate goal. They're a goal, and finally we're playing a part in the home tournament, which is why we're doing well. In fact, the qualifying forms for the games are very much about us and we do not know how many teams will take now – said the coach. According to the preliminary investigation, the CEAT Olympic Qualification Format was four years back in Berlin and Ankara.

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