Sunday , August 7 2022

J. The control of the KGP has been reported on the work of Ceylincashi


There are reports of police headquarters in response to reports from Suwakki officials about the work of the Jaroslav Sealinsky in this area. According to their messages, uniforms are forced to take part in the Home Ministry's deputy ministerial office and participate in official visits to Poland, sometimes saying "state-run" officers in the State Security Service. However, when Joroslav Seleanzysi returned to the village of Poduel, the policemen stayed on his way and greeted "Flushed".

– Police chief commander has been in charge of municipal police headquarters in Suwalaika. Officers have already done their work from the KGP Control Office. Mariusz Ciarka, spokesperson for KGP.

As we wrote in Osage two days ago, let us remind ourselves of a situation in the local headquarters and a letter written by the Suwalki police and the Bosnian Deputy Commissar of the Personal Dept. They asked her to intervene. The MP was in the last visit of Sijim.

– The policemen should be disgusted with the political demands of the deputy minister Jurassa Selinski. Give examples – the heads of departments and their deputies This computer has many years of experience as a surgeon, or a young lawyer who is not even a serious business in his life. What is the purpose of the "flash" function, the symbol of the Polish police in Poland? – asked the deputy.

– Why was a police patrol deputy minister in the last three years jurassa celinski protected the estate all day long? Why do Local Police Officers wear clothes, wearing glasses, State Protection Services, are you taking part at the ceremony deputy ministerial ceilings? How does the priest come to work in the headquarters and work to work? – She continued.

More details are also given. Including the aforementioned petrol supervising the deputy ministers of the Podol village. "Whether they are there or not, whether they are there or not, the police car should stand." Controlled by these patrols, the current command can be carried over the past. If Bearstoke was all right in the home of the minister, why no one knew, he was safe and anyone else would have to go to them even if the police wanted to seize them. According to the above minister, the curriculum has been created and the police officers are required to protect two buildings. Besides my private security, an alarm linked directly to KMP Duty Station in Suwali, instead of a security company, read the letter.

Officers of the State Security Service (BORR) Officers are provided details regarding "pretending". "The protection and protection of the minister are also protected by the local policemen when he was approached by the Provincial Police Chief, known for the protection of his clothes, clothing, and clothing, and placed headphones on phones and went to the minister, among others, on the fireman's day at Suwalki. What happens is the head of a department, all happens with the consent of the commander – asks police officers Suwal.

The police headquarters informed us about the questions we sent to the minister of Sealinski and municipal police headquarters in Sulekha. – "A new command or police personnel took part in the ceremony, such as the start of the Dey, the deputy minister or other services, under the supervision of the business of just abhyantarasevanattin is, for example, the State Fire Service, the police and all the activities we emphasize that based on the law," oserrin ayac Marius Sica wrote in the answer to the inspector.

The allegations of police officers' allegations, particularly Selinski's house, were not important. Minister Jocchi Brudinskinski urged minister Seligenk to immediately state this. I think this will be clear – Pavelsufferkerekar, head of deputy head of the home ministry, said in a program of "action opinions".

Today, Jaroslav Selinski himself mentions the whole point. "Opposition's media and politicians have mocked and abused me for violating the interests of influencing groups and people, and it is clear to everyone who planned to campaign on Twitter.

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