Wednesday , May 18 2022

Katarzyna Lubnautar Ultimate? Modern


On Thursdays, the Modern Club meeting will be held, where some deputies are PO. Propose to join the club – Report onnet. If the leader of the Navojasna does not support this idea, then the party can leave the club until 11 deputies.

On the second day of the Coalition agreement between Kalushi, Kiao, PSL and SLD, Wozsecich joined PIS councilors on the second day of the Coordinator Agreement between Turemil Syllis Council in Novozensana, which gave power in the territorial law and justice council. As prize, Kaluga became the Deputy Speaker of the Regional Council.

This transfer resulted in a modern earthquake, which would result in a change in the Civic Platform or Merger Authorities. Or – you can also listen – leaving 11 deputies from Novakasena.

Among them, among others Wojciech Missło, who came in contact with Moden's leader, lacking in experience in the management of Lubnaur Party, criticizing the interview for rhexposity.

In response to this criticism, Lubnaur suspended the party in favor of a member of the party and returned it to a friendly court, the judicial civil coalition was built on concurrence only.

On November 29, a modern club meeting will be held, where P.O. The club will be proposed to merge together. This proposal is to be taken by a group of deputies, who believe that Wojciech Kaluga is a symbol of the defeat of the local government's elections.

If Katrajzi's Lubaner and Adam Szlakka did not agree with the proposal, these deputies could leave the party. It is speculated that it can be 7 to 11 people – writes

The portal, however, is not required to be in the hands of the Civic Platform that combines with Knowledge, which can choose to maintain the position of the coalition partner and keep the modern as "sofa party".

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